Key Benefits

How can we help your Business

  • You can save cost of benefits, FUTA/SUTA, Medicare & Social Security taxes. Hiring, training costs.
  • We provide dedicated & professional team to manage your operations so that you can strengthen on your core business.
  • All-in-one solution that addresses the entire automation lifecycle from consulting to development and support as well as managed services.
  • To provide up to date records on timely & accurately manner.
  • Systematic training plan to transition from current vendor to our accounting platform.

Our approach towards outsourcing

  • Document Key Process.
  • Identify risk areas.
  • Determine work flow Dynamics.
  • Run trial & parallel.
  • Adjust process to improve service.

Our objectives towards outsourcing

  • Reduces manpower and infrastrucutre cost.
  • Get Expertise Hardcore Professional Skills at low cost.
  • Get timely Preparation of Financial records.
  • Better Management Control.
  • Centralized Concentration of Complete Data.
  • Squeezing of Unwanted Managerial Hierarchy.
  • Improve Payment/receivable Cycle.
  • Building Vendor's confidence.
  • Reduction in additional Liabilities.

Quality control

  • We develop standard Operating Procedures(SOPs) and Checklist
  • We ensure client orientation with SOPs and checklist for team deployed on assignment
  • Review by the SMEs and checklist defined
  • 100% review of processed data by Reviewer.


  • IBM servers.
  • Anti-virus protection.
  • 4 mbps online connectivity 24X7.
  • Uninterupted power supply 24X7.
  • SSL protected FTP for secured transfer.
  • Firewall and protected LAN system.

Data security

  • License use of symantec anti virus
  • Disk less systems with no external devices.
  • Seprate server room with restricted access.
  • Online data storage.
  • Email scanning incoming and outgoing.
  • Daily auto backup policy on seprate disks as per client consent.



ACCTPAY CONSULTANCY SERVICES LLP has been providing to small and midsize clients with high quality and low cost outsourcing services . Our expertise ranges from basic Payroll and bookkeeping accounting services to more in-depth services.