We have experience in all of the industries we serve and have the proven expertise to meet your unique needs. We build value for clients through our deep industry expertise in a broad range of industries including:

  • Health Care

  • Banking and Financial Services

  • Asset Management

  • Small Retail

  • Construction and Utilities

  • Hospitality / Restaurant

  • Technology

  • Trade Transportation

  • Real Estate

Payroll Accounting

Selecting the right payroll platform is critical to ensuring business operations in the U.S., and AcctPay professionals can help by:

  • Analyzing available payroll processing solutions to identify those that meet your requirements
  • Highlighting the advantages and/or risks of choosing a simple payroll platform or an employee benefits program outsourcing solution.
  • Setting up the entire payroll management system with the chosen platform.
  • Integrating all HR parameters, including health care plans, retirement plans, salaries and bonuses, vacation accrual, overtime benefits etc.
  • Managing bi-weekly, weekly, fortnightly of salaried and hourly employee payroll
  • The Form W-4P & W-4V Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate, W2 and W3 Wage and Tax Statement.
  • Set up Payroll Items of Hourly rate, Salary and Wages.
  • Set up Payroll Withholdings of Federal Withholding, Social Security and health Insurance , deductions 401 K, defined benefits etc.
  • Create Employees and designate them whether the pay check is issued on a weekly, biweekly or fortnightly basis.
  • Create Paychecks directly.
  • Form 941 Employer's Quarterly Federal Tax Return, form 940 Employer's Annual Federal Unemployment (FUTA) Tax Return.

Compensation Benefits

AcctPay employee benefits administration services which allows businesses and their employees to:

  • Submit only correct and complete applications.
  • Attract the best and the brightest with world-class retirement and insurance plans.
  • Get access to better, more affordable benefits for your workforce.
  • Reduce the time, energy, paper and headcount associated with administering benefits programs.
  • Elect or waive benefits.
  • Substantiate COBRA, HIPAA, Section 125 elections, state, federal and carrier acknowledgements.
  • Send and receive all data securely.
  • Receive proactive deduction notifications and accuracy audits.
  • Short Term Disabilities (STD), Long Term Disabilities (LTD), Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and Workers Compensation claim processing and liase with Insurance provider.
  • Visibility into overtime causes and trends with analytics dashboards.
  • The ability to automatically apply your time and pay rules as time is collected.
  • Alerts as individual employees approach overtime.
  • Robust scheduling capabilities to help minimize overtime.
  • Reporting that helps minimize the risk of costly legal actions.

Payroll Support Services

  • End-to-end payroll processing
  • Payslips, BACS, On-line forms fillings, timesheet processing
  • End to end Time-pay-bill cycle
  • On-line Year End Submission and P11D
  • Standards and bespoke reports
  • Student Loan & Pension Deductions tracking
  • All statutory payments & deductions
  • Holiday accruals and payment tracking
  • Tracking of loans & advances
  • Ride to Work Schemes
  • Back-pay calculations with PAYE, NI & Class 1A NIC
  • Payroll journal preparation
  • Right to Work checking
  • Setting up PAYE scheme for the clients

Statutory Payments

  • Calculations of SSP, SAP, SPP & SMP
  • Issue of SSP1 & SMP1 forms.

Year End Activities

  • Client Registration with HMRC
  • On-line annual return filling and generation of P14 & P35
  • Calculation and filling P11D Benefits
  • Issuing of form P60 & P11

HMRC Liabilities

  • Generation of form P30 & P32
  • Payment of monthly liability

Accouting and Bookkeeping

AcctPay Processing staff accountants and managers remain continuously up to date with administrative and accounting requirements as dictated by International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and U.S. Generally Accepted Accounting Standards (US GAAP). They are committed to:

  • Formalizing and updating accounting and control procedures
  • Providing bookkeeping and back-office outsourcing services
  • Managing accounts payable, accounts receivable, general ledger and various reconciliations.
  • Setting of chart of accounts in accounting software.
  • Year end Adjustments.
  • Reconciliation's: Cash, Credit Card, Bank, Balance Sheet and Cash in Transit.
  • Year End Accounting & Accounts Finalization.
  • Monthly, Quarterly, or Annual Reporting.
  • Accounting in Quick Books, IRIS, TAS, SAP, ERP.
  • Weekly P&L Flash Reporting.
  • Expense claim processing.
  • Scanning, tagging and uploading.

Capital markets firms struggling with increasing costs, increasing regulations and a period of low growth. The challenges to capital markets firms need to focus on growth, profitability and managing risk in order to survive in this challenging environment.

Acctpay Consultancy provides Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) includes middle office services to Custody and fund administration, Investment banking, brokers. Services includes bank/stock reconciliations, OTC derivatives, Fund Accounting, Corporate Actions and Derivatives operations.



ACCTPAY CONSULTANCY SERVICES LLP has been providing to small and midsize clients with high quality and low cost outsourcing services . Our expertise ranges from basic Payroll and bookkeeping accounting services to more in-depth services.